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Buffer time We recommend that you always schedule weeks of buffer time for unplanned incidents or time-consuming corrections in your bachelor thesis schedule. Here you use the bibliography of the first source to find more interesting sources for your bachelor thesis.

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It is also desirable for the summary to reveal how the chosen approach differs from other works. If the work is to be written in English, it must be specified at the beginning of the work. Never forget that there is a human being on the other side. Posts only in German or English! The examination office will be sent a certificate.

The research question of your bachelor thesis is also closely related to the title, as it is substantiated by the research question.

How long was your Bachelor / Master / Diploma thesis?

In the meantime, many sources have also been available directly from the university or through scientific databases dissertation habilitation distinctions.

Just because pages are usually available for editing, a master’s thesis is much more substantial and offers versatile possibilities for detailed elaboration. Basically, the literature research for the bachelor thesis should always consist of both methods, because only then you can be sure that you will not miss any important work in your bachelor thesis.

We have more opportunities than your caregivers because we can provide you with concrete answers, tips, designs, and precise examples that are tailored to you.

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Difficulties to create something of your own and to break away from the literature you read. 6. And this is exactly where the timetable for your bachelor thesis comes into play. Ask your boss for additional shifts and simply earn money for the motivational letter master maschinenbau teaches the longed for journey. Correction phase You are finished with a computer science thesis course writing your bachelor thesis.

Therefore, we determine the research questions for you, formulate hypotheses and formulate assumptions about possible results. It is no secret that the bachelor’s thesis is one of the most important components of the bachelor’s program.

So it has to be on the CD: Submission Your bachelor thesis is written and corrected.

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